A new week so roll your mat out or come and have a boogie with me …

Over the summer holiday’s I will be adding Full Body Mix on a Friday 5:45pm and adjusting my Wednesday morning Pilates earlier see below 🙂 I appreciate the summer holidays are a busy time and a change maybe from the norm but join when suits you. If you have good wifi and a suitable space you can join me whilst you are away from home to enjoy an hour for yourself and equally I am happy for children to join too 🙂 With all this in mind I will be keeping an eye on all class numbers and will try and keep my current timetable going as much as possible.

Please note I am away Sunday 1st – Saturday 7th August 

So this week will be again a mix of online and face to face classes. See this weeks timetable below

Please book on to my face to face classes next week from 8am Saturday morning via my email  (all classes will still have a limited number of spaces) – see more details… for those who want to book online classes please do from Sunday 🙂


Please book your classes with me each week (unless you are on my rollover for online classes) – contact me via email 🙂

* Monday 26th July *

9:30am Morning Rise Yogalates Online (Gentle Mix of Pilates & Yoga, Beginners – Improvers)

11:15am Yogalates – Swynnerton Village Hall ST15 0RB (Gentle Mix of Pilates & Yoga, Beginners – Improvers) * please book*

5:45pm Fitsteps & Fitsteps FAB Online (all levels)

7:45pm Pure Pilates Moorlands Village Hall (Bagnall ST9 9JP) (all levels) * FULLY BOOKED *

* Tuesday 27th July *

9:30am Full Body Mix Online (Legs, Bums & Tums &  Abs and Arms) (all levels)

6:15pm Zumba – Longsdon Memorial Hall ST9 9QF (all levels)  * please book *

7:30pm Strong Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Longsdon Memorial Hall ST9 9QF (Yoga experience essential) * FULLY BOOKED*

* Wednesday 28th July*

10:30am Pure Pilates Online (all levels) – please note earlier start time

* Thursday 29th July * 

9:45am Gentle Yoga Flow (all levels including beginners) *please book* @ Bagnall Village Hall again this week 

11am Fitsteps & Fitsteps FAB  (Fitsteps/dance experience useful) * please book* @ Bagnall Village Hall again this week 

7:15pm Fitsteps & Fitsteps FAB – Michelin Sports Centre ST4 6NL (Fitsteps/dance experience useful) *FULLY BOOKED*

* Friday 30th July *

9:45am Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Moorlands Village Hall (Bagnall ST9 9JP) (Yoga experience useful) * FULLY BOOKED *

11am NEW CLASS Zumba -Moorlands Village Hall (Bagnall ST9 9JP) (all levels) * please book*

5:45pm Full Body Mix Online (Legs, Bums & Tums &  Abs and Arms) (all levels) – its back please book!

7:30pm TO CONFIRM Online Yoga or Outdoor Yoga at the Michelin  (all levels) 

* Saturday 31st July *

9:45am Zumba Online (all levels)

* Sunday 1st August*

No Yoga

I will be away 2nd August – 7th August back Sunday 8th August 7pm Yin Yoga 🙂


I have updated my ‘moving forward’ post and how things will pretty much remain the same, to keep you & me safe for the time being  🙂

Huge well done to all my Fitstep ladies and gents, here is our ‘Fitsteps Charleston Challenge’ 2021 ‘CLICK FOR LINK 🙂 

Aby Kate T-shirts & Vests  (plus  Hoodies) The feedback again has been great for the new T-shirts and Vests, and they look fab. I have just a few more now to give out 🙂 Please send me pictures of you in your new top(s) and I can do a collage like the hoodies x If you missed out and would like to order just message me and I can speak with Shellie x

You can access my online classes from anywhere in the country plus abroad as long as you have a good wifi connection, my classes are safe and secure! If you are interested in joining my online sessions, newcomers always welcome please contact me 🙂 Online classes have proved very convenient!

I still have my Platinum group where you can access over 130 pre-recorded videos – for more information


Since we went into lockdown on 20th March 2020 the support and feedback has been amazing and has definitely helped keep me sane too! We have kept fit, physically and mentally through these past 14 months!

I will keep tweaking my timetable, to give you the best variety of classes and also to accommodate government guidelines 🙂


Many of my regulars know how passionate I am about fitness, movement and keeping the body & mind healthy. A good wellbeing is key!

I have over 20 years teaching experience and I am a fully qualified Fitsteps, Fitsteps FAB, Zumba & Pilates Instructor, a BWY Yoga and ISTD Dance Teacher.

I take pride in getting to know all my ladies and gents who come to my classes, give individual modifications and advice where needed. I think coming out of this pandemic it is even more important to understand the need of every individual!

Joining my classes I give you structure, variety and motivation. Whether you join me face to face or online you get to chat to fellow class mates and meet new people with a similar goal!

I am fully insured  and hold the relevant license to teach both online and face to faces 🙂

I intend to keep all my classes affordable and great value, I have 4 pay options and you can choose the most suitable option for you. I will prefer online payment moving forward. Message me for more information.

For those of you joining me online I will continue to keep them private, safe & secure, only people invited on each session will be able to join. And as for my face to face classes I have adhered to all the government guidelines, so that everyone who attends my classes will feel safe and reassured I am doing everything possible.

I will continue to make you smile and work to your potential 🙂

  • Please note if you do not normally attend my classes you are still welcome, recommendations are great so if you know someone who already joins my classes please get them to pass on your details – for a new-comer I would need a fitness questionnaire & disclaimer completing before joining my classes, plus maybe a one to one to discuss any concerns.

See you on screen or in person 🙂