Pre-recorded videos for you at home …

Only £5 a week (£10 2 weeks) to purchase

Since the beginning of Lockdown I have been filming a variety of content ranging from Pilates to Zumba, Yoga to Fitsteps and much more…now over 150 videos!!!! I am so pleased to say my Platinum Group has gone down really well – ladies and gents have been enjoying my pre-recorded workouts/classes at home 🙂

Right at the start of lockdown feedback was coming back that people wanted some pre-recorded material. For some it was to use alongside the Live classes and for some solely stand alone so a good substitute – as some people can’t access my live online classes simply due to poor internet services, having difficulties due to child care, shift work, work schedules and thirdly this way is affordable. As we have moved out of lockdowns I still have many people accessing my videos because of the flexibility, you can access them at any time and control the length of the workout 🙂

Its also perfect for when people are away on holiday or if I am away and you want to keep moving 🙂

A few comments‘its almost as good as being in your class live’,

‘Love the idea of been able to do something like body fusion whenever I feel like it’, ‘

‘can’t wait for more, loving the variety and love the breathing exercises’,

‘This is fab thank you’,

‘Videos are fab, thank you Aby’,

‘Just done Zumba track, Pilates sequence and breathing. Brilliant ready to take on the day’,

‘Absolutely love the Body Fusion videos’,

‘Zumba a nice change as a bit of cardio gets me in the mood. Also tests me mentally as not great at copying dance moves but wish to improve’,

‘Fitsteps tracks really good, hopefully I can keep improving ready for when the face to face classes start again x’.

* no limitations on when or how many times you access the videos,
* you can interchange between different workouts
* your in control of how long your session lasts
* From September 2021 I will be adding a new video every month (previous videos remain)
* you can request content
* safe private group
* flexibility can sign up on a weekly basis
WHATS INCLUDED (over 13hrs worth of classes/workouts)

* Three Full Body Fusion Class – 40-60min
Body Fusion is a class I normally teach, Fusion of Pilates and Yoga sequences choreographed to music.

* 10-15mins Short Yoga sequences (Vinyasa and Yin)
* 10-15mins Short Pilates sequences
* Dance based warm ups and routines (Zumba & Fitsteps)
* 5-15 mins Breathing and relaxation techniques
* Strengthening and toning exercises
* Loosening exercises
If you would like to have *access to my pre-recorded videos please contact me.
*  I must have an up to date fitness questionnaire for you. 
* Please note you pay weekly to access the videos. 
* You need a facebook account to access the videos.

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