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Here is my full timetable for this week, I will keep running classes if I can … if you are not attending please let me know asap so I can keep an eye on numbers.

As numbers lower in each class naturally this will allow me to ensure everyone is at a good distance from each other (as recommended), windows open where possible, all clubs and halls have increased there cleaning regime to help ensure a safe environment.

Please visit my previous post if you have not yet read it ‘Keeping you safe as best as possible COVID-19…’


  • All hour classes are £5 per class
  • 75/90min Evening Yoga classes £5.50 per class …
  • M Club classes non-members welcome £8 per class to be paid at Reception
  • Look out for the Double class savings!
  • Loyalty Cards available! Please ask for more details ….

* MONDAY 16th March *

Morning YOGALATES classes (Improvers and beginners) at Yarnfield Village Hall – bookings only please contact me.

6pm Michelin MAC Sports Centre (ST4) – FITSTEPS & FITSTEPS FAB (all levels)
7:45pm Brown Edge Village Hall (ST6) – PILATES (all levels)

 * TUESDAY 17th March *

UPDATED 17/3 no classes running at Brown Edge

9:45am Brown Edge Village Hall (ST6) – FITSTEPS & FITSTEPS FAB (all levels)
11am Brown Edge Village Hall (ST6) – Slow Flow YOGA (all levels)

* TUESDAY DOUBLE SAVING 2 classes for £9 *

UPDATED 17/3 Yoga running this evening 

7pm Longsdon Memorial Hall (ST9) – 90min Intermediate Flow YOGA (all levels some yoga experience useful)

* WEDNESDAY 18th March *

(DW Tunstall – members only! covering Yoga 9:15-10:15am & as normal 10:15-11:15am FITSTEPS)

11:40am M Club Festival ParkPILATES (all levels)

* THURSDAY 19th March *

UPDATED 19/3 NO classes running this morning 

9:45am M Club Festival ParkZUMBA (all levels)
11am Baddeley Green WMC (ST2) – FITSTEPS (Intermediate- Some experience in Ballroom & Latin/similar type classes)

UPDATED 19/3 BOTH classes running this evening 

6:30pm Michelin MAC Sports Centre (ST4) – BODY FUSION (Fusion of Yoga & Pilates – experience in one or both useful, not suitable for beginners)
7:45pm Michelin MAC Sports Centre (ST4) – FITSTEPS (Intermediate-Some experience in Ballroom & Latin/similar type classes)

* THURSDAY DOUBLE 2 classes for £9 *

* FRIDAY 20th March *

UPDATED 20/3 No classes running this morning

9:30am Longsdon Memorial Hall (ST9) –YOGA (Hatha Vinyasa -all levels)
11am M Club Festival ParkSWISS BALL (all levels)
12:30pm Michelin MAC Sports Centre (ST4 Trent Vale) – Lunchtime YOGALATES (all levels – fusion of yoga and pilates)

Evening 6:30pm Yogalates class to be confirmed at the Michelin … UPDATED this class will not run 

* SUNDAY 22nd March *



You can mix and match classes each week (if unsure please click on the class and it will take you to my dedicated page which will tell you more about each class)
I have classes; aimed for all fitness levels (including beginners & experienced), morning, evening and weekend classes in and around Stoke-on-Trent, if unsure which class is best for you and if new to my classes please contact me.

Newcomers always welcome, please message me before the class 🙂

Any queries or questions just send me a message look forward to seeing you soon Aby x

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