Starting this Thursday 26/7/18 🙂 NEW CLASS @ the Michelin Sports Centre (ST4 6NL)  ‘BODY FUSION’

… having asked what would people like @ 6pm on a thursday the feedback was Pilates and Yoga so I will deliver a fusion of the two, not yogalates but a class choreographed with music, to create a dynamic flowing class 🙂

 Sequences will challenge your strength and agility, fitness and mind. 

A dynamic conditioning class targeting every muscle group, toning and sculpting. This class will help you  develop your flexibility, fitness & stamina. Improve range and ease of movement, core strength and balance throughout the body.

Some yoga & pilates experience will be beneficial … please bring your own yoga mat (I do have some spare ones)

£5 pay per session

2 classes for £8 (Swiss Ball 7pm) 

Loyalty Cards available …

Half price first class spread the word … £2.50 through July & August 🙂

Contact me to book your space 🙂

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