So my next session with Kerryanne Clancy will be on Sunday 12th July @ 4:30pm we will be looking at pelvic & hip pain – Causes and yoga stretches which help 🙂

This will be the third session I have done with Kerryanne (Real ease Massage Therapy and Treatments)- 1st on back pain and 2nd on neck and shoulder pain all can be viewed on my Facebook Aby Kate classes page.

We are using ZOOM this week as Facebooks recent update has stopped us doing a joint LIVE session – if Facebook fix the problem before Sunday we can revert back to facebook LIVE!

So join us at 4:30pm ZOOM link on
Grab a space, a mat  and join to see what a difference it can make

No yoga experience required.

Don’t panic if you missed it… I have shared all videos on my facebook classes page so you can catch up on any of Kerryanne’s great sessions (covering many areas since the beginning of lockdown such as anxiety, self massage techniques, nutrition and so much more)