Since moving into lockdown in March 2020 I have done everything to adapt and move all my classes online. With this I mean I have spoken to all my various insurers and governing bodies, I am fully qualified and fully insured to teach online, and have undertaken extra courses to make my online teaching even better for you!

I am super passionate about fitness, movement and keeping the body & mind healthy, and with over 20 years teaching experience and I am a fully qualified Fitsteps, Fitsteps FAB, Zumba & Pilates Instructor, a BWY Yoga and ISTD Dance Teacher.

Every year I stay up to date with current trends and complete courses, training and continued professional development, this makes me the best instructor I can be!

Online classes are not the same as going to face to face classes class but the feel good factor is still the same, and many benefits can be had doing online classes; great if you struggle for time – no travelling time to class, less stress, flexible.

Joining my classes I give you structure and motivation, know you as individuals so can offer one to one advice and give adaptations through my classes. You still get social interaction, chat to fellow class mates and meet new people, enjoy exercise in the comfort of your own home.

I intend to keep the classes affordable and great value, I have 4 pay options and you can choose the most suitable option for you. Those who already have loyalty cards with me will be able to continue to use. Message me for more information.

My online classes are private, safe & secure, only people invited on each session will be able to join. Each Sunday I post the next weeks timetable so you can book on classes to suit you!

I will make you smile and give you a little bit of normality in this strange times  🙂

  • Please note if you do not normally attend my classes you are still welcome, recommendations are great so if you know someone who already joins my classes please get them to pass on your details – for a new-comer I would need a fitness questionnaire & disclaimer completing before joining my online classes, plus a one to one to discuss any concerns.