Having taught Fitsteps now for over 5 years and Fitsteps FAB for over 3 years I still know there are a lot of people who have yet to discover Fitsteps simply due to not knowing what the class is – I get “is it a ‘step aerobic’s class’?” a lot …

So in brief; Fitsteps is a dance fitness class, dancing every dance seen on Strictly plus more (Ballroom and Latin). Learning technical steps/moves but without a partner, put those steps together in a sequence and you can dance yourself fit πŸ™‚

Through many scientific studies we also now know that Dancing regularly makes us smarter and is one of the only forms of exercise which will help prevent dementia!

All my classes are great fun, friendly, social classes. Ladies and gentleman with a mixed experience in dance and fitness levels – I offer low impact options in all my classes.

On my timetable I do offer classes daytime and evening in Stoke on Trent for all fitness levels plus those wanting more of a challenge – so more content more steps (Intermediate).

A love of dance is required and a willing to learn new steps and routines each week.

If you think this class is for you take a look at my timetable to see where I am and I look forward to dancing with you soon πŸ™‚