Update 27/8/20
As you can imagine I am so excited about getting back to some face to face classes 🙂 I am pencilling in dates in September to do some trial face to face classes at different venues and looking at alternatives if venues are not available, more info. to come.
So over the last few weeks I have been busy re-doing my risk assessments, speaking and liaising with venues old & new, looking at timetable options; so that I can continue offering online options during the transition back to face to face and long term keeping some online classes on my timetable.
Weather permitting I will still look at doing some more face to face classes outside 🙂
Due to the reduced numbers in my classes to start with, I have been looking at how I can fairly open out class bookings to everyone… I am not going to please everyone but please be assured I will do my best. More info. to come.
Obviously all this takes time but fingers crossed I will be offering both face to face classes and online classes moving forward 🙂
My priority is always to deliver the best quality of class I can and keep everyone safe!!!
DW – now Everlast Gym – they would like me to restart Fitsteps, currently not offering classes which move so when they are ready will look at putting it back on the timetable!
Over the weekend I have had chance to read through the many guidelines regarding the re-opening of fitness classes indoors from July 25th.
I know some of you are looking forward to getting back to face to face classes, as much as me, but taking everything into consideration and putting safety at the forefront I will be unable to return to face to face classes straight away!
Here are a few reasons why …
* Reduced class sizes – social distancing must be maintained during each class by markings on the floor.
  • Non-stationary exercise requires 12-16 square metres for each person
  • Mat based classes 2 metres apart
  • and I need to be as far away as possible
I have begun collecting room measurements and will be calculating exact numbers this week, but I estimate the limitation of class numbers to ensure safety, would mean I wouldn’t cover the running costs of a class plus would mean I would have to turn some of you away! Which I would hate doing…
* Music thats causes anyone to raise their voice should not be played – well some of you know how much I love to play my music – so for Fitsteps/Zumba no fun if I have to play the music quietly!
* Ventilation – air conditioning and fans should not be used, so venues with windows and doors more favourable moving forward.
* At the moment some of my venues are not ready for opening – this I will be actively monitoring plus maybe looking for alternative venues if need be. (Please inbox me if you have any recommendations!)
Its obvious that mat based classes will be the first classes I will be looking at re-introducing face to face, so will definitely be doing some trials through august…
Plus if outside numbers increase from 5 over the coming weeks, weather permitting I can look at putting on some face to face outdoor classes.
My online classes will continue, I have put a POLL on my facebook online page but if you are not on facebook just let me know if you will be away over the summer holidays, (Over the 6wk summer holidays will you be attending my online classes 1) same 2) more 3) less) as I may need to amend my timetable for the summer holidays, plus please note I will take a few days off here and there to refresh
And because quite a lot of people have asked ‘yes’ online classes will become part of my timetable moving forward even when face to face classes resume, as long as there is a demand for these!
Also my Platinum pre-recorded videos will remain available just message me if you would like to access these!
As some of you may be getting away for a change of scenery remember all you need is a good wifi connection and you can still join me from all over the country if you would like! I may even have a few people trying my online classes from abroad!
For those of you who would normally attend my classes through your gym membership – I have had no updates as yet but I’m sure I will have some over next week so will keep you posted …
Guys yet again a HUGE thank you to everyone who has embraced and supported my online classes.