Week Sixteen of teaching online … full timetable below 🙂 This week I have played with a few class names let me know what you think 🙂

Completed another online training course this weekend – Zumba Virtual Pro!!!

Everyone who knows me, knows I can’t wait to get back to normal, but I think realistically it will take time and we need to be patient! I will only go back to teaching face to face when I am confident it is safe for you and me!
Be reassured I am regularly keeping up to date with the Government Guidelines plus the British Wheel of Yoga, ISTD and Sport England recommendations, so as soon as I can start making plans to restart face to face classes I will update you further. By July we may know more?

I have already had a brief chat with a couple of my venues and I know once we have clear instructions we can start putting in place procedures for a gradual and safe return …

I can’t thank you enough for joining my classes online since we went into lockdown on 20th March, thank you for giving me such amazing feedback, and keeping me sane ;)!

I’m sure over the coming weeks life will be changing and evolving, with people gradually going back to work and some children going back to school – so I aim to keep evolving too! so if this means making a few amendments to my timetable thats fine – just keep me posted 🙂

Although nothing will replace me teaching you face to face, knowing that I am helping give you structure to your days, something to look forward to, keeping you moving, and helping you switch off even if just for the hour, is a huge step forward to keeping fit, physically and mentally!

Again it was lovely to see some familiar faces join for the first time this week. I think anything new is daunting but once you have chance to experience how simple and secure it is to access my classes you will wonder why you had concerns. (I still continue to offer one to one trial runs before classes for those unsure of how this new format works).

A lot of you have also expressed how great it is to chat to class mates and how great it has been to try new classes with me which you wouldn’t normally be able to get to do, which is brilliant! Some of you have said you may even be fitter, stronger and more flexible than you have ever been before!

My pre-recorded group is still available on facebook for those who want to access a huge variety of workouts. Many have really enjoyed this content since being in lockdown as they work alongside the live classes OR great for those who can’t access the live classes.

I’ve had amazing feedback 🙂 You can access these videos anytime, any day, as many times as you like – these videos include short 10-15 min workouts and you can mix and match as many videos as you wish to make up your own workout, for more information see Platinum post or please contact me

For those of you who I haven’t seen on my screen, I look forward to seeing you soon x


Many of my regulars know how passionate I am about fitness, movement and keeping the body & mind healthy. A good wellbeing is key!

I have over 20 years teaching experience and I am a qualified Fitsteps, Zumba & Pilates Instructor, a BWY Yoga and ISTD Dance Teacher. It’s not the same as going to class but the social interaction and the feel good factor is so important at the moment and it’s one way I see of helping us get through these unusual times.

I intend to keep the classes affordable and great value, I have 4 pay options and you can choose the most suitable option for you. Those who already have loyalty cards with me will be able to continue to use. Message me for more information.

I will be continuing to keep my online classes private, safe & secure, only people invited on each session will be able to join. If you regularly attend my classes, the majority of these will continue to be available in this new format – see timetable below.

I will continue to motivate you and make you smile, plus you will get to see and talk to class friends!!! 🙂

  • Please note if you do not normally attend my classes you are still welcome, recommendations are great so if you know someone who already joins my classes please get them to pass on your details – for a new-comer I would need a fitness questionnaire & disclaimer completing before joining my online classes, plus a one to one to discuss any concerns.


Please book your classes each week – contact me via email, text or facebook 🙂 Any questions please ask…

* Monday 6th July *

10:30am Morning Rise Yogalates (Mix of Pilates and Yoga Beginners – Improvers)

7:30pm Pure Pilates (all levels)

* Tuesday 7th July *

9:30am Legs Bums & Tums (all levels) *will alternate weekly between this slot and Friday pm LBT & AAA

11:15am Gentle Flow Hatha Yoga (gentle class suitable for Beginners – Improvers)

5:45pm Zumba (all Levels)

7:30pm Strong Vinyasa Flow (Yoga experience essential)

* Wednesday 8th July *                              

9:30am Fitsteps & Fitsteps FAB (Fitsteps experience essential)

11:15am Pure Pilates (all levels)

* Thursday 9th July *

9:30am Morning Rise Yogalates (Mix of Pilates and Yoga Beginner – Improvers)

7:15pm Fitsteps & Fitsteps FAB (Fitsteps experience essential)

* Friday 10th July *

9:30am Energising Vinyasa Flow (Yoga experience essential)

5:45pm Abs, Abs & Arms (all levels) *will alternate weekly between this slot and Tuesday am LBT & AAA

7:30pm Sunset Yogalates (Mix of Pilates and Yoga – Experience in one or both)

* Saturday 11th July *

9:45am Zumba (all Levels)

* Sunday 12th July *

7:00pm Strong Vinyasa Flow (Yoga experience essential) * please note alternating weekly between Strong Vinyasa and Yin Yoga 


Hope to see you on your screens soon …