Last week was great to be back and doing something almost “normal”, was great to be chatting to everyone again, even if via a screen! Week Two of online classes for 2021!!!

If I haven’t seen you Happy New Year!!! I know there is lots going on, so don’t panic if you haven’t made it back to class yet I look forward to seeing you soon!  Full timetable below

For me there were many highlights to the end of 2020 * first online quiz, with over 70 of you joining in the fun * many of you ordered Aby Kate Hoodies, which I can’t wait to see! * and to top it all off I won Fitsteps Midlands Instructor of the Year!!!

What will be the highlights of 2021???

The support from both my regulars and newcomers last year was amazing, many have said how much fitter, stronger and more flexible they feel, plus the advantage of online classes, many have tried classes they perhaps would need of tried face to face!

You can access my online classes from anywhere in the countryplus abroad as long as you have a good wifi connection (& remember I still have my pre-recorded group with lots of videos), my classes are safe and secure! If you are interested in joining my online sessions, newcomers always welcome please contact me 🙂


The tiering in England will be reviewed every two weeks, so I will keep you updated with any changes, and yes when we can, we will return to face to face classes 🙂


Since we went into lockdown on 20th March 2020 the support and feedback has been amazing and has definitely helped keep me sane! Remember online classes help give you structure to your days, something to look forward to, chat to class mates, keep you moving, and help you switch off even if just for the hour! We will keep fit, physically and mentally through this pandemic!

I will keep tweaking my timetable, even 9 months down the line, to give you the best variety of classes and also to accommodate government guidelines when appropirate 🙂


Many of my regulars know how passionate I am about fitness, movement and keeping the body & mind healthy. A good wellbeing is key!

I have over 20 years teaching experience and I am a fully qualified Fitsteps, Fitsteps FAB, Zumba & Pilates Instructor, a BWY Yoga and ISTD Dance Teacher. It’s not the same as going to class but the feel good factor is so important at the moment and it’s one way I see of helping us get through these unusual times.

Joining my classes I give you structure and motivation, know you as individuals so can offer one to one advice and give adaptations through my classes. You get to chat to fellow class mates and meet new people, enjoying social interaction, which some of us are missing!

Please also note I am fully insured to teach online classes so this gives you peace of mind 🙂

I intend to keep the classes affordable and great value, I have 4 pay options and you can choose the most suitable option for you. Those who already have loyalty cards with me will be able to continue to use. Message me for more information.

I will be continuing to keep my online classes private, safe & secure, only people invited on each session will be able to join. If you regularly attend my classes, the majority of these will continue to be available in this new format – see timetable below.

I will continue to make you smile and give you a little bit of normality in this strange times  🙂

  • Please note if you do not normally attend my classes you are still welcome, recommendations are great so if you know someone who already joins my classes please get them to pass on your details – for a new-comer I would need a fitness questionnaire & disclaimer completing before joining my online classes, plus a one to one to discuss any concerns.


Please book your classes each week – contact me via email, text or facebook 🙂 Any questions please ask…

* Monday 11th January *

9:30am Morning Rise Yogalates (Gentle Mix of Pilates and Yoga, Beginners – Improvers)

5:45pm Fitsteps & Fitsteps FAB (Fitsteps/dance experience useful) 

7:30pm Pure Pilates (all levels)

* Tuesday 12th  January *

9:30am Full Body Mix of Legs, Bums & Tums & Abs, Abs & Arms (all levels)

5:45pm Zumba Party (all levels)

7:30pm Vinyasa Flow Yoga (Yoga experience essential) 

* Wednesday 13th January *

9:30am Fitsteps & Fitsteps FAB (Fitsteps/some dance experience useful)

11:15am Pure Pilates (all levels)

Coming soon Fitsteps Beginners 7:30pm …

* Thursday 14th January * 

9:30am Gentle Yoga Flow (all levels)

5:45pm Full Body Mix of Legs, Bums & Tums & Abs, Abs & Arms (all levels)

7:15pm Fitsteps & Fitsteps FAB  (Fitsteps/dance experience useful)

* Friday 15th January *

9:30am Energising Vinyasa Flow (Yoga experience useful)

7:30pm Yogalates (Mix of Yoga and Pilates – all levels) – will alternate each week with Vinyasa Flow Yoga 

* Saturday 16th January *

9:45am Zumba Party (all levels)

* Sunday 17th January *

7pm Vinyasa Flow Yoga  (Yoga experience useful) – will alternate each wk with Yin Yoga


See you on screen 🙂