I will be holding regular classes from now on as an online video conference.

Please note the online classes will be private, safe & secure, only people invited on will be able to join. If you regularly attend my classes, the majority of these will continue to be available in this new format. In addition I may include some other classes that aren’t currently on my normal timetable… such as Yin Yoga, HIIT workouts, Abs Abs

I think that maintaining a routine is crucial for keeping as much normality as possible and helps massively with our mental health!


Many of my regulars know how passionate I am about fitness, movement and keeping the body & mind healthy. A good wellbeing is key!

I have over 20 years teaching experience and I am a qualified Fitsteps, Zumba & Pilates Instructor, a BWY Yoga and ISTD Dance Teacher. It’s not the same as going to class but the social interaction and the  feel good factor is so important at the moment and it’s one way I see of helping us get through these uncertain times.

I intend to keep the classes affordable and great value, I have 4 pay options and you can choose the most suitable option for you. Those who already have loyalty cards with me will be able to continue to use. Message me for more information.

  • Please note if you don’t regularly attend my classes I would need a fitness questionnaire & disclaimer completing before joining my online classes.


I will run a skeleton timetable for this week, bare with me as I’m trying to get everything running as smoothly as possible and provide the best quality I can.  This won’t be set either as I will make amendments as we go along.

* Monday 23rd March *

10:30am Yogalates (Beginners – Improvers)

7:30pm Pilates (all levels)

* Tuesday 24th March *

11am Slow Flow Hatha Yoga

7pm Vinyasa Flow Yoga

* Wednesday 25th March *

9:30am Fitsteps (to be confirmed)

11am Pilates (all levels)

* Thursday 26th March *

9:30am Yogalates (Beginner – Improvers)

UPDATE Body Fusion will be pre-recorded and available soon.

7:30pm Fitsteps (to be confirmed)

* Friday 27th March *

9:30am Yoga Vinyasa Flow

6:30pm Yogalates (all levels)


* Saturday 28th March *

10am Zumba

* Saturday 29th March *

7pm Vinyasa or Yin Yoga


I will also this week be doing some filming, so i can provide pre-recorded content alongside my Live classes.

To join my classes please message me either via my website or via text 07974 565 955 🙂

Hope to see you on your screens soon …