This is what you have all been waiting for… the options of Slogans for the front of your HOODIE 🙂 (Prices below)

Sizes see previous link Hoodies

So you can customise as much as you want, add, take away, I have done a few examples with glitter but you could apply the glitter to other non-glittery designs.

If you choose the Magenta Kangaroo Pocket Hoodie the Slogan will appear as shown.

If you choose the Purple Zip Up Hoodie the Slogan will be a smaller pocket position (Colours may alter slightly to accommodate different background)

Please note: If any of my gentleman would like a hoodie but would like it less girly – let me know and I can have a play with colours and designs!!!

Click on arrows for more designs…

Message me to order your Hoodie or if you have any queries x

Feel Good Slogans

Yoga/Pilates Slogans

Dance Slogans

Prices below are for the Hoodie, Printed ‘Aby Kate Logo’ on the back and Slogan on the front.
* Kangaroo Pocket Hoodie – £22/ if have a glitter print £23
* Zip ups Hoodie £25 / if have a glitter print £26
If you want to add any extra text for example a name it would be an extra £2 
Any queries please message/inbox me.


  • I like inhale the future exhale past with the pull over hoodie x

  • I love the “ another chance to sparkle”!!!!

    Will this be available in the magenta as a zip up hoodie or just the purple?

  • Kangaroo hoodie please Medium size with Inhale the future exhale the past

  • Can you have the word zumba in glitter? Xxx

  • Purple zip up – with glitter – slogan “Another day, another chance to sparkle , in XL please. Thank you

  • Debra Lightfoot
    24th November 2020 1:58 pm

    Could I have purple zip up please XL, with glitter – slogan Inhale the future, Ex hale the past please

  • Magenta pull over hoodie in Medium please. What I’d really like is “If you don’t use it, you lose it”, but I’ll opt for the numbers please. Can the first “2” be normal then the other three in glitter? Does the glitter come off in the wash? If so is there a number underneath, or would it be blank?

    • Thank you Lisa order received – I have ‘if u don’t use it, u lose it’ ready for vest and T-shirts 😉
      Yes can ask Shell if possible to add Glitter to the 3 2’s – would you want the 1 as glitter or normal?

      No the glitter will not fade/wash off (can be machine washed no hotter than 40 degrees on a normal cycle, no tumble drying or ironing directly on the glitter print)

  • Aby, I would like to order the kangaroo hoodie with the slogan ‘ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER CHANCE TO SPARKLE’, as illustrated. Size M should be bit enough I hope!
    Regards Gill x

  • Hi Aby, I’ve made a decision at last! Could I order a kangaroo hoodie with ‘EAT, SLEEP, DANCE, REPEAT’ with glitter in a size small please? Xx

  • Hi Aby can you please order for me one Magenta Kangaroo pocket hoodie size M with logo Keep Dancing (in a circle) Sparkly . Please confirm I have price right at £25.
    Treat myself for Xmas!
    Many thanks

  • Hi Aby. Can I order a zip up hoodie in purple with the Keep Dancing and sparkly background? Size medium.

  • Hi Aby,
    Could I have a medium zip up hoodie please, with ‘eat, sleep, yoga, repeat’ on.
    Thanks xx