New week of classes, what can you discover & explore this week …

This weekend I completed an in-depth training course on Hypermobility: Risks, Skills Development and Longevity in our Yoga Practise.

Just a reminder that we can never stop learning, exploring different ideas whether it be in our yoga practise or everyday life!!! I will be integrating some ideas/ practises into my classes, which will benefit those with hyper mobility and without 🙂 


Classes will run up until Friday 1/7 then I am away on my Honeymoon … see Gymcatch

If you would like to take advantage of on my Platinum On Demand whilst I am away, please message me 🙂

Booking onto Classes Online & Face to Face

Simply jump onto Gymcatch to book on to my online and face to face classes 🥰



Newcomers are always welcome – To book onto all my classes online and face to face please head to my booking app. you can book 7 days in advance 🙂

If you are new to my classes I will just need a fitness questionnaire (Participation info) completing and you can access this also on the Gymcatch portal. If you have any queries or want any advice on classes please message me and I will be happy to help.

Please see my previous post for more information about the booking app and any questions message me 🙂

Please complete my PARQ if you haven’t completed one in the last 12 months, are a newcomer or have any changes e.g health, contact details so I can update my records …
I will gradually be working through everyone and inputting the dates you completed your last questionnaire this will then prompt you when its been over 12months via gymcatch.


Very gradually I will be bringing back adjustments in my Yoga classes 🙂 this before lockdown was a big part of my classes and really adds an extra dimension to your practise but is something that I haven’t been able to return to, due to recommendations from my governing bodies.

Please if you are unhappy with me adjusting you, just let me know privately and it won’t be a problem.  On my fitness questionnaire it is a question I ask, so I will be looking at these over the coming weeks.