What another lovely weekend of sunshine 🙂
Yoga Outside in the sun


Lots away at the moment as its a popular time of year for people to go on holiday, so please book on if you want a class in good time – I can then make informed decisions thank you 🙂


  • Tuesday Full Body online is a slightly later start of 10am
  • Friday evening yoga back at the Michelin this week
  • I have added Yoga Sunday pm online if their is enough interest
  • Bank Holiday Monday just Yogalates online to start the day 🙂

So I have been putting this off for a while but due to growing costs to run Aby Kate Classes I am going to have to increase my prices slightly 🤦‍♀️ All classes up by 50p – your savings on bundles will remain the same. See breakdown below…

I haven’t increased my prices since Sept 22 but due to increased rent, subscriptions, memberships incl. zoom, insurances and fuel I need to make slight adjustments.

I am always trying to keep my classes great value and affordable for all. Hope you understand and thank you as always for your valued support 🥰

Price increases will be from 1st June 2024 – all classes and bundles purchased during May will remain at the current price.


Pay as you Go £7

Bronze £30 – 5 classes

Silver £55 – 10 classes

Gold £100 – 20 classes


Pay as you Go £4

10 online £35 – 10 classes

20 online £60 – 20 classes


My weekly timetable includes face to face and online classes – use my booking app – Gymcatch (book, choose how to pay, cancel – all very straight forward). As you can see I also do a lot of communication via this app so having your messages turned on means you will be kept up to date …

Please book to reserve your place in good time as classes can get busy (all my face to face classes are capped so to respect everyones space) x

Keep up to date also via my weekly blogs on here and my Facebook pages – especially my Aby Kate classes page (you don’t need to be on Facebook to view).


Newcomers welcome to my classes, please contact me if you have any queries/questions.

All my class on my timetable and gymcatch will suggest what level suitable for; All, beginners-improvers, intermediate (have experience in) – these are guidances to help determine which class is right… if you are unsure or want advice please get in touch 🙂

Why do I need a fitness questionnaire before attending a class – this is so I can get an understanding of what you want out of the class and if there are any medical conditions/injuries/concerns I need to know about – this allows me to give guidance where I can so you get the most out of my classes 🙂

See you soon 🙂

As many of you know I have been fundraising for the Brain Tumour Charity and I can confirm we have raised an amazing £1048 alone on Facebook  👊🙏🥰🤩 but as several people went direct to their website to donate this total will be even more!

I have also been collecting cash donations so I can now reveal I have received a total of £437.  This money I will be donating to Brain Tumour Research as this is a vital part to finding a cure!

SO TOTAL RAISED £1485 Thank you so much to everyone 🥰

If you have yet to donate and would like to, please head direct to their website’s https://www.thebraintumourcharity.org/donate/ https://akawzwdl.donorsupport.co/page/donate-now


So on 21/3 marked four years of teaching Aby Kate Classes online … before this I had never taught online, and going into lockdown  I was forced online – so that very Friday I purchased my first webcam and gave my yoga class a go … the rest is history! Throughout the lockdowns I continued to teach my classes and 4 years on I still offer online classes, alongside my face to face classes and my Platinum on demand page.

My Platinum on demand page is still available and offers over 250 videos/workouts which allows 100% flexibility to suit individual needs … whether on holiday, injury/rehabilitation, shift work … only £3.50 a wk.

Before Christmas a few people were asking me when did ‘Aby Kate Classes start’ … answer 2011, so those who have been with me since the beginning here’s to more years dancing, stretching, remaining strong having fun and keeping active!!!
1st private classes were at  Longsdon plus classes in Rugeley and then in Bradnop.
Clubs I taught at – Brough Park, DW, MClub, Pure Eturia,
When was your first class with me?
Reviews are so important to anyone running a small business, so if you would like to leave me a review, have a spare 5 minutes – either on my google page, ‘Aby Kate Classes page’on Facebook, or if you would prefer to send me a written review that’s also fine as I can add this to my website testimonials 🙂