So following on from my previous post (Stats for ZUMBA) here are my readings for the following classes ZUMBA (recap) Fitsteps, Fitsteps FAB, Swiss Ball – please note these stats just gives you a comparison …

CLASS 1 ZUMBA – 1hr approx, 701 calories burnt,  Average BMP 133 (highest BMP 176)

CLASS 2 Fitsteps – 1hr approx, 621 calories burnt,  Average BMP 122 (highest BMP 175)

CLASS 3 Fitsteps FAB – 1hr approx, 327 calories burnt, Average BMP 99 (highest BPM 154)

CLASS 4 Swiss Ball – 1hr approx, 443 calories burnt, Average BMP 112 (highest BPM 157)

Hope this is of interest … I am now gradually gathering readings from my ladies tracking devices so will post these in the near future …

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