So last full week of classes before I break up for Xmas 🙂 Such a busy few months with classes, rehearsals, shows, coach trip, xmas meals and then this weekend presenting @ Blackpool Tower Ballroom for Fitsteps. It really was amazing 🙂

This week I know everyone is super busy so I will keep as many class going as possible, numbers permitting, so please book on if you want a class … see Gymcatch for all my classes 🙂 Next week I plan to run classes until 21st December, will mainly be online so if you want to join me again see Gymcatch.


For those who want to keep moving over the festival period you can access my Platinum page with over 150 videos all in one place, no adverts, you can dictate how long you exercise for – incl. Pilates, Yoga (Yin & Vinyasa), Fitsteps, Zumba, Body Conditioning and Body Fusion.
COST £10 – join from wk comm 19th Dec – 3rd Jan (classes resume 4th January) message me if you would like to jump on.

Last two Xmas Meals

Two great Xmas meals last week @ Pabna Leek & @ Stafford Arms Leek … as always lovely to see everyone out of their gym attire, enjoying each others company and the food!



Jump onto for the winning numbers …


I had so much fun!!! Here are a few pics from the weekend, but for more pics jump on my Facebook page (you don’t need to be on Facebook just follow the link)
Every year Fitsteps presents its annual party; Fitsteps instructors, participants join together before Christmas and celebrate everything dance…


Winter Yoga Retreat

I have just a few spaces left on my first Yoga retreat since before COVID – Tuesday 27th Dec 2022 11am – 2pm Mix of Vinyasa, Yin & Pranayama – Price £25 


Just a wee note please keep an eye on your Gymcatch messages on the Gymcatch app, as the majority of my correspondence will be via Gymcatch as this way I can reach everyone! If you are not sure how to access your messages please ask.
With the new update on Gymcatch some of you will get ‘add required info’ when you want to book a class, this will appear if you haven’t completed my  Fitness Questionnaire/Participation Questionnaire, in the last 12 months. I have been gradually inputting everyones dates and chasing those who need to submit a new form. Once the dates have been added you will no longer get this prompt! If you haven’t submitted a form in the last 12 months, please complete the form via the link on Gymcatch – either from the profile page or when booking.


As many of you will have noticed when booking in the app, it is now asking you to select ‘Profiles’ … below is a bit of info about the new feature and who will find this feature useful.

If you are only booking for you select ‘your name’ so the circle becomes red and ticks, then select ‘view bookings options’ and proceed as normal, you do not need to ‘add a new sub-profile’


Sub-profiles is a feature that allows customers with a Gymcatch account to create and manage profiles for other people; such as children, friends, family members or other dependants. These sub-profiles aren’t stand-alone Gymcatch accounts and don’t require unique email addresses or log-in credentials. Instead, the ‘parent’ account will control these sub-profiles from their account.

The parent account can make bookings on sessions and courses for multiple sub-profiles, whether they are booking a place for themselves or not, and can then manage these booking independently too, for example just cancelling one sub-profile booking leaving any others in place. Any valid packages on the parent account can be used as payment against any bookings made for their sub-profiles in the same way as they would for themselves, subject to any multi-booking settings and limitations configured on the packages and sessions.



Newcomers are always welcome – To book onto all my classes online and face to face please head to my booking app. you can book 7 days in advance 🙂

If you are new to my classes I will just need a fitness questionnaire (Participation info) completing and you can access this also on the Gymcatch portal. If you have any queries or want any advice on classes please message me and I will be happy to help.

Please see my previous post for more information about the booking app and any questions message me 🙂